Scotland Free Oil Boilers & Home Insulation

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More Efficient Ltd FREE Oil Boilers & Free Loft, Roof & Cavity Wall Insulation in Scotland.

We provide all types of Oil Boilers, Loft Insulations, Room, Roof & Wall Insulations FREE or substantially cheaper depending on your financial circumstances and what benefits you are on. Our highly trained engineers travel to and stay all over Scotland incudling Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Abderdeen and the Scottish Highlands & Islands which means we are prepared to install ,replace and to make sure customers are 100% satisfied with their new Oil Boiler or Home Insulation. A full quality inspection is completed at the end of every job to make sure you are completely satisfied. We have been working in Scotland for nearly a decade now and have carried out work in every town you can care to name.

 For many years and have built up a strong reputation and have plenty of customer reviews from satisfied Scottish residents. We travel across the country to make sure we can visit every remote location in Scotland and provide the residents with the most efficient level of oil boilers, heating & home insulation required to heat their homes more effectively & for less money.

Oil Boilers, Oil Heating Systems, Loft, Room, Roof & Cavity Wall Insulations are essential heating options for the residents around the more rural parts of Scotland which have little or no access to natural gas. Oil Boilers are often installed outside the home which creates more space and keeps them out the way it’s very common that people enjoy this extra room around the kitchen & other rooms and they are often surprised at the difference it can make.

All of the Oil Boilers & Oil Heating Systems supplied and installed by More Efficient Ltd are of grade A standard  some of the most popular ones are Worcester, Warmflow & Grant. These include regular oil boilers, combi oil boilers & full oil heating systems. They all have different functions to make sure your home is kept warm in the most efficient cheap way including storing hot water in outside tanks, smaller oil system boilers which are really popular as they create more free space in your home & of course combi oil boilers which systematically heat your radiators, pipes & water as soon as they are switched on. We replace, and install these Oil Boilers Free of charge all over Scotland here is some of some of our work from various areas in the more rural parts up North including pictures from work completed in Inverness, Aberdeenshire, Argyll & Bute, remote parts of Ayrshire and The Borders and the The Western Isles & Outer Hebrides.

You can see here areas that are not covered for gas use.





Save up to 35% on your heating bills with More Efficient Ltd


More Efficient Ltd are still installing thousands of Free Loft, Roof & Cavity Wall Insulations in homes all over Scotland. Already this year we have completed over 1000 FREE Insulation grants for Scottish residents the majority of our work has been in Inverness. This year in particular we have started taking on more Home Insulation jobs and have lots of case studies from happy Scots who now have warmer More Efficient homes. Insulation jobs can be carried out free regardless where you are in Scotland through the Governments ECO scheme. Below there’s some more information for you to read which displays the different types of Insulation available to help you decide which you think is more suitable for heating your home.


On average Scotland’s households are saving over £500 per year having effective Home Insulation in their rooms, cavity walls, loft and roofs that’s up to £50 a month on energy bills!


Free Cavity Wall & Roof Insulation


This is where Insulation batts are fixed to the walls & ceilings of your home and all gaps between rafters are closed off and insulated so no cold air gets in and no warm air gets out. More Efficient Ltd’s highly skilled engineers use plasterboard & knauf earthwool insulation which means it’s nice and tidy, ascetically pleasing and sealed tight to keep your home warm and save you money.

If you are based around Inverness and have a room which you access from a fixed staircase and you are on lower income or certain benefits More Efficient Ltd can supply you FREE Room In Roof Insulation or Cavity Wall Insulation through governments ECO Scheme.

Save Up To 25% On Energy Bills With Scotland’s Government Loft Insulation Grant Scheme


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66% of homes in Scotland that currently have Loft Insulation don’t have the level of Insulation required to prevent loss of heat through the top of your home. This only applies to the people who already have Loft Insulation. The proper level of Loft Insulation in Scotland is 11 inches thick this will prevent you losing heat and save you money.

More Efficient Ltd provides Free Loft Insulation all over Scotland our main office is based in the Southside of Glasgow at 66 Cornlaee Road, Glasgow, G53 5AL however we have engineers who live thoughout the country which allows us to maintain a strong presence in even the most remote parts of the country. These grants are on offer to home owners & tenants who are on lower level incomes and certain types of benefits. This year in particular we have started taking more Loft Insulation work in homes elsewhere in Scotland as unlike our Oil Boiler work our customers are not restricted based on whether they have mains gas or not. We have lots of satisfied customers in 2017 and case studies from people from all over including residents from Ayrshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeenshire who were extremely satisfied not just with the end product but also how professional & friendly our engineers are. After every job we carry out a full quality inspection to make sure people are 100% satisfied with all work carried out in their homes.



  1. Your home will much warmer
    Loft and cavity wall insulation help retain the heat generated in your home.
  2. Your energy bills will be much cheaper
    You could be losing up to 25% of your heat through an uninsulated loft and 35% through uninsulated cavity walls.
  3. Your carbon footprint could be smaller and your home will be MORE EFFICIENT
    Insulation grants reduce carbon emissions.

With grants of 100% – if you receive Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit – and 50% – 70% grants for other types of benefites, NOW is the time to act on insulating your home or replacing your boiler or heating system.

Installing a new boiler or insulation will not only save you money on heating your home, but the knock-on effect is that you’re helping to save the planet.

Exact Assessors will survey your property – this is a free service they will estimate the materials necessary to complete the job and tell you what grants are available and if the work will be free or if you will have to contribute.


First of all, check that you are entitled to a free grant:




All the funding is provided through the Government for Scottish residents through the ECO scheme which has already helped thousands of people in Scotland save money & improve their homes.


If you’re on the following benefits you will likely qualify for a Free Home Insulation Grant:


  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income Support
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Further information can be found here



We keep our process as simple as possible, here’s the process we will go through on

your application to apply for funding and receive a grant:

  1. Complete the form on this page or give us a call
  2. We then take some information 
  3. We then speak to the government and local authorities 
  4. Once they make a decision we can install a boiler or insulation in a matter of weeks


More Efficient Ltd also provide Oil Boiler Installations & Replacements for static caravans across the nation. Take it from us we have some of the most beautfiul, iconic locations in the country and it’s no surprise to us that people have decided to make these parks their homes.

The static caravan is very popular lifestyle option for many older people. There are thousands of elderly people living in caravans all over Scotland in some of the most beautiful remote locations across Aberdeenshire, Argyll & Bute, Inverness-shire & The Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Static Caravans for retired people has obvious benefits including amazing scenery, a more relaxed lifestyle & being much less expensive than a regular house. Another way to make it as comfortable and affordable as possible is to have an efficient oil boiler and oil central heating system & high quality insulation. Most static caravans were made after the ECO scheme was introduced meaning lots of oil boilers, heating systems and insulation are dated and not running as effectively and efficiently as they should be. More Efficient Ltd can resolve this, simply call now or complete this form to find out if the type of pension you are on means you qualify for a free oil boiler, heating system or free insulation for your caravan home.

We have found many caravan owners tend to be on lower incomes and effective way to get help with heating their homes is applying for one a government ECO scheme grant for additional support.

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